THE BEE Japanese Version



Noda established a working relationship with trust of the British theater scene with the success of “The Red Demon”. He wrote this play fully in English through his workshop experience in London. Based on a short novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. The story is set on a hostage situation over an average family. Slowly the nature of human and its madness emerges through violence and emotions. Kathryn Hunter, a Lawrence Olivier award winning and Noda himself are among the cast. Both London and Japanese versions were created. Noda appears as the wife in the London version, and brilliantly performed the role of husband in the Japanese version.


THE BEE Japanese Version JAPAN TOUR
Written by Hideki Noda and Colin Teevan
Directed by Hideki Noda
Based on the Original Story by Yasutaka Tsutsui

TOKYO(Suitengu Pit)   24th February - 11th March 2012
OSAKA(Osaka Business Park)   25th May - 3rd June 2012
KITAKYUSHU(Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center)   7th - 10th June 2012
MATSUMOTO(Matsumoto Performing Arts Center)   15th - 17th June 2012
SHIZUOKA(Shizuoka PErforming Arts Center)   22th - 24th June 2012


Rie Miyazawa
Narushi Ikeda
Ryohei Kondo
Hideki Noda